Good Heavens–It’s Green!

I must admit that I find it more than a little ironic that many of the people I know are right now either just getting up, driving to work, or heading out to school, while I sit here sipping strong Irish tea in my airbnb in Dublin 6, also known as Ranelagh, which is essentially the city of Dublin’s answer to . . . Fabulous Funky Ferndale.

20181203_094415This bedsit is really wonderful, a great place to serve as home base for the week. Here’s my front door for the next 6 days.

And it comes with two amazing amenities: there is a back-yard reserved for smoking (you gotta love the Europeans!) and there are these strange colours outside. Green like you’ve never seen before, green as if it was the primordial green God had in mind when he said Let there be green. Shades and varieties of green, juxtaposed and tumbled all together in a crazy quilt tapestry that just warms my Spartan heart.

20181203_100152And then there’s this big yellow ball of warmth up in the sky. The locals are a bit unsure what to call it. I told them it’s known as the Sun. Here’s what it makes the skies look like.

Okay, I’m exhausted. Left Detroit 7PM (eventually) last night, got off the plane here in Dublin at 9:30AM their time — which translates into 4:30AM Detroit time. Time to grab some jet-lag-amelioration sleep. More soon. Sooner than later, actually.

20181203_100851PS Turns out that I’m way too excited
to really sleep much, yet. So I went walkabout to the local grocery store, and this is what I found. Coffee and tea are going to be fantastic!