A Farewell Picture Album

It’s been a fantastic day to end an unforgettable week. And as wonderful as Wednesday’s premiere was (and believe me, it really was) today was more fun for me even than that, because today I got to do what I enjoy the most, and frankly think I do the best: working with voices in rehearsal. Here are a few samples . . .


That’s right! TALL vowels, please! (Not bad for a guy who broke his left arm 5 weeks ago.)


Yes, you can cue a piano while still looking at your ensemble. Not seen is Ms. Carole O’Connor, who definitely deserves to be called a collaborative keyboard artist.


Yes, soprani: open your lower backs wide, and all of a sudden it really isn’t that hard!


Channeling the late George Lynn and Dr Dennis Shrock. Also, “soft singing is just loud singing sung softly.”


The fellow in the middle is Fr Liam Lawton, a wonderful composer and artist. We share a home at GIA Publications, and he once sang with Dr Norah Duncan as his pianist! The young man on the right is Ciaran Jack Crangle, a young but incredibly gifted operatic tenor. Keep that name in your mind — he’s one to watch!


This is about the happiest I get, working with smart singers and changing things for the better in ways they can remember and replicate without me!

My deepest thanks to Lesley Bishop, the indefatigable manager of all things choral at RTÉ, for whom I have to thank for these pictures and so much more, and to Mary Amond O’Brien, the wonderful conductor of these ensembles, for the opportunity to make music with them. I can’t wait to come back and be with you all!