A small blessing, if i may be permitted that privilege …

on this night 47 years ago, candle in hand, i stood on the quadrangle* and for the very first time in my entire life sang these words:

what can i give him, poor as i am?
if i were a shepherd, i would bring a lamb.
if i were a wise man, i would do my part.
yet what i can, i give him: give my heart.

o my dearest friends, whether you stood there beside me that night or not, please know that i am truly grateful — beyond words — for each and every last one of you. Christmas blessings to you!


* for my students who don’t know what “the quadrangle” is, it is the heart of the campus of Westminster Choir College, where i learned anything worth knowing that i have ever shared with you. it is where i found my life, and where a piece of me will forever dwell. when i am dead and forgotten, it is where i want what remains of me left to rest.

here’s what it looks like (i lived in the building to the left of the picture):

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